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Superfood Yogurt Bowl Two Ways {Paleo + Vegan}

Breakfast is such a tricky meal. It is one that I truly love, especially the full blown gourmet breakfast spread. Which is why I also adore brunch. I like all the things, available together, satisfying every flavor profile. Because flavor is everything. Breakfast should be no different, but time gets in the way. Convenience often wins out. But we can’t always sacrifice convenience for health either, so we have to find a happy medium. I feel these Superfood Yogurt Bowl Two Ways are that compromise.


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Tell me, what does your breakfast look like? Do you meal prep and survive on leftovers? Do you ever make a full hot breakfast? I wish I could say that we sat down to a big formal meal every morning, but that isn’t exactly the case. On the weekends, and those random weekdays we have extra time in the morning, we make a hot breakfast. But most days our breakfast is rushed and largely consists of leftovers or raw foods.

This is why so many people love cereal and pastries for breakfast. No effort to throw together and makes for a quick meal. This was always my biggest issue with the Standard American Diet breakfast. The sugar filled cereal and skim milk of my past just don’t cut it. In this scenario you get very little nutrition, you’re hungry an hour later, and you spike your blood sugar first thing in the morning. Talk about a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully we have long since learned that a hearty nutrition-packed breakfast is what we need to start our day. We like one full of protein, healthy fat, fiber, and lots of color. I figure if we cram as much nutrition as possible into the first meal of the day, it sets us up for a success.

Then there’s that convenience factor. We still want the benefit of real foods, but we have to take shortcuts somewhere. This is where a few key products come in handy. We use store-bought yogurt here, because we haven’t quite mastered making our own. And we also lean on pre-packaged superfoods like nuts and seeds, shredded coconut, and cacao nibs.

Speaking of superfood toppings, we love meals where we can load them up with all sorts of goodies. I mean I live with a man who literally adds at least three sauces to every dish. The same goes with toppings. Who doesn’t love a customized meal where you can add toppings and flavorings to taste? This allows us to truly make it our own and switch up the flavors to keep things interesting.

Plus, we really love how nutritious these bowls are. They are a lot like a smoothie, where you can easily incorporate 10 ingredients into one drink. It isn’t often we have other scenarios where we enjoy some of these superfoods. Speaking of which, let’s take a quick look at what kind of health benefits we are getting from this Superfood Yogurt Bowl Two Ways:

  • Dairy-free Yogurt – provides healthy fats and probiotics
  • Fresh fruit – full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals (especially berries)
  • Chia seeds – provides lots of fiber, omega 3’s, and calcium, plus a great crunch
  • Hemp seeds – packed with protein, omega’s, and amino acids
  • Coconut flakes and butter – include MCT’s one of the most efficient sources of fat for fuel, as well as fiber and great texture
  • Cacao nibs – full of antioxidants, fiber, magnesium and even boosts mood and sleep
  • Nut butter – healthy fats, calcium, minerals, and that satisfying crunch

That is what I call a healthy breakfast. Which is why we have been playing around for yogurt bowls for a long time. Thankfully we finally got it together and wrote everything down.

Thank goodness because these Superfood Yogurt Bowl Two Ways also make an awesome snack. They can even double as a dessert or take the place of a salad for lunch. They are somehow both light and filling, and once again you have all the components to customize the flavors.


We are sharing two of our top flavor profiles here, including tropical and chocolate with berries options. Feel free to substitute the yogurt flavor or type, as well as the toppings to suit your needs. That is what is so fun about these yogurt bowls, the options are endless. So get after it and have some fun, just like I do every time I make them.

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Superfood Yogurt Bowl Two Ways

A light yet filling yogurt bowl great for breakfast or snacking that comes together in minutes. No cooking or chopping required.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Breakfast, Lunch, Main Dish
Cuisine American, Breakfast
Servings 2


Tropical Yogurt Bowl

Chocolate + Berries Bowl


Tropical Yogurt Bowl

  • Fill the bottom of your dish with yogurt, then add toppings to taste. If using a shallow bowl, arrange toppings in rows side by side, or layer each topping in a glass or jar. Drizzle melted coconut butter on top and enjoy.

Chocolate + Berries Bowl

  • Fill the bottom of your dish with yogurt, then add toppings to taste. If using a shallow bowl, arrange toppings in rows side by side, or layer each topping in a glass or jar. Drizzle melted nut or coconut butter on top and enjoy.


*If you cannot find star fruit near you, sub with papaya, guava, or leave it out.
**We loved mixed nut butter for its flavor and texture, but feel free to use your favorite nut butter, or even coconut butter instead.
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