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I am so happy you are here!

Well Rooted is a community designed to support you on your unique healing journey. I look forward to working with and getting to know you!

In this space you will find three main specialties that support every facet of health:

  • Health Coaching
  • Real Food Recipes 
  • Mind, body, and spirit Wellness Resources

Looking for a partner to help you develop personalized health goals? Or, do you prefer a group experience where you can connect with your peers? Learn more about my coaching services. 

I believe in the power of food, and can personally attest to its healing ability. Simple healthy recipes packed with flavor are my specialty. I love to eat in color, and it just so happens our body loves this too. 

A lot goes into a healthy lifestyle, and all of us have varying interests. Dive into topics such as low-toxic living, movement, sleep, stress and more in the Blog section. 

Looking for a partner to help you develop personalized health goals?

My story

My journey begins back in 2014,  when my husband Garett and I started the blog, Our Food Fix. We were often traveling, cooking, entertaining, and sharing our love of food with others. I was working a high-profile Corporate job, we were recently married, and life seemed to be falling into perfectly planned place. 

In the years that followed though, I developed a plethora of health issues. I struggled with mystery illnesses and recurring infections that no one could explain. I watched my body deteriorate and felt completely out of control to do anything about it.  

Then in late 2017, I faced a full blown health crash. I found myself mourning the life I always wanted but now seemed out of reach. I sought direction from dozens of Doctors, Specialists, and Practitioners but was left more confused, defeated, and frustrated than ever. 

After years of trial and error, I found true healing by connecting to my roots, reigniting my faith, and finding community. This foundation, along with the support of my collaborative care team, including my Functional Medicine Dr, Health Coach, and Counselor, allowed me to put my chronic illnesses into remission. 

These collective experiences, all the ups and downs, all the lessons, all the struggles, led me to my calling. A calling of helping others, just like you. 

Outside of running Well Rooted, I work as a Meeting and Event Planner by day, enjoy developing new recipes, showing love through food, spending time in nature, mindful movement, reading and writing, and time with my loved ones.

Simple, healthy recipes packed with flavor are our specialty.

But don't worry, we don't leave out indulgences either!

How i can help you Thrive

My health journey began as a long and often painful process of modifying my entire lifestyle. This meant saying goodbye to my favorite comfort foods, adjusting my rigorous fitness routine, and examining things like sleep, stress, and the products I used on my body and in my home. All of this, on top of identifying what I needed to personally heal, felt impossible. 

Not to mention I was drowning in the endless supply of diets, recommendations, and “experts.” Where would I start? Who could I trust? How could I manage all this without getting completely overwhelmed?

I knew there had to a simpler way. A way to feel better and become my own health advocate, without drowning in all the details. From this desire to make the healthy living path easier to navigate, Well Rooted was born.

I went through decades of experimentation and failed attempts so that now you don’t have to. My goal is to help your journey feel a bit easier. To help you find yourself along the way, and not only survive this life, but to thrive in it.

At Well Rooted you will find that eating real food is approachable and fun, finding your tribe becomes a reality, and living healthy and happy is beautifully uncomplicated. All proving this lifestyle can be attainable for anyone.

Let the healing begin!

Ready to get started?

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