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my coaching promise

Coaching is a personal partnership, and I am honored to accompany you on this journey. During our time together I promise to hold space for you in a compassionate and safe environment. As well as support you, celebrate with you, and hold you accountable.

I believe that small steps lead to big change. Simplifying healthy living means getting back to basics, and tackling one thing at a time. At a pace that works for you.




I understand how it feels to live in a state of burnout and overwhelm. Like there is no way off of the Merry-go-Round of stress.

Feeling inundated with information yet not knowing where to turn. Like you have to do it all, but can barely keep it together. Grieving the life you always wanted, but feel you cannot have.

I spent decades navigating the rocky and convoluted path of recovery. After much trial and error, and reconnecting to my roots, I put my chronic illness in remission. This led me to my calling of helping others, just like you. Together we will simplify healthy living, helping you find balance, connection, and nourishment.

Dawn Karwoski, NBC-HWC, FMCHC
Founder, Well Rooted

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A Guide to Light Your Path

As your coach, I will support, encourage, and help you stay on track. I will ask powerful questions that allow you to dig deeper, and find the answers you already have within. 

Our health journeys are not linear, or easy to navigate. Behavior change can be extremely difficult. Thankfully, coaches help people change, when change is hard. Our expertise is helping you implement modifications in your habits, behaviors, and lifestyle that feel elusive. 

Together, we will help you discover your values and motivators, which support lasting change.  We will also identify any blocks getting in your way, so you have the space for new healthier habits. 

This empowers you to set goals that are both feasible and sustainable. Then, when you successfully meet goals, your motivation increases.

coaching values

  • I believe in meeting you where you are, instead of pushing past your limits
  • I celebrate every win, no matter how small, as this builds confidence and proves that you can change
  • I am a recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser, and understand the pressures we put on ourselves
  • I know that each of us are unique and require a personalized approach to healing
  • I understand the importance of mind-body connection thanks to being an empath and trauma-informed
  • I reinforce self-compassion and grace knowing that we cannot love others well if we don’t love ourselves first
  • I practice and celebrate faith in my own life and considerate it essential to healing
"Let your roots grow down deep into Him and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught. And you will overflow with thankfulness"
Colossians 2:7

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Go From

Feeling lost, broken, and incapable of
managing your health
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The resilient, dedicated, and confident
person you’ve been all along

The Process

Simplifying healthy living means getting back to basics, and tackling one thing at a time.

develop a trusting relationship
identify your strengths + values to drive motivation
co-create a personalized plan to meet your goals
secure community + tools to ensure long-term success


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