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Seriously Simple Recipe: Skinny Colada Spritzer

Today we bring you one final farewell to summer. One last summer-esque drink that brings you back to the long, hot days, with plenty of sunshine. This Skinny Colada Spritzer is your solution to a last minute summer refreshment craving.

Appropriately, we are having a warm spell here in Chicagoland, so a summertime drink is exactly what we are craving.

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Seriously Simple Recipe: Skinny Colada Spritzer
This post is obviously about this drink, but it is also how many s’s can I fit into one title. This is nearly a tongue twister, much like Sally Sells Sea Shells Down By the Seashore. Okay maybe not that bad, but it’s close. I bet you remember the title of this recipe though, because as obnoxious as rhymes, jingles, and other headlines may be, they sure are catchy.

I still remember TV commercial jingles from my childhood. For my fellow 80’s and 90’s kids, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Hopefully, you get a kick out of these, because is there anything better than reliving your childhood? Okay, don’t answer that.


  • Kool-Aid – the epitome of our culture during this time. The Kool-Aid man was all over TV in both decades actually.  He was always busting through walls and involved in some sort of song and dance.
  • Tootsie Pop – how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? One may never know thanks to that crazy Owl.
  • Crossfire – the game that every kid wanted and now goes for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Not surprisingly no one really knew what this game was about, but it didn’t matter. It was cool.  On the same token, Skip It was also on nearly everyone’s wish list. God forbid you ever accidentally hit your ankle with that 10-pound ball.
  • And let’s not forget about Juicy Fruit, Bubble Tape, Light Bright, Connect 4, Guess Who?, Hungry Hungry Hippos,  and Mouse Trap (YES). If you are a total geek like I am and love watching these commercials, this is a great complication video that includes most of these classics.


  • The Folgers “Best Part of Waking Up” jingle is one I still get in my head sometimes. A total classic.
  • Meow Mix might be one of the most annoying songs of all time and something that will be in your head for weeks. Oops.
  • Toys R Us “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” song was something I can only imagine is nails on a blackboard for our parents. As the only major toy store of our generation, this place was a big deal.
  • I am pretty sure Kit Kat wouldn’t even be on the map if it wasn’t for their original catchy “Break Me Off a Piece of That Kit Kat Bar” song. Versions of this still air today.

Okay, coming back to the purpose of this entire ramble, an Island-inspired fruity and creamy drink.

While the weather is still warm, or once that inevitable Indian summer visits your area, whip up a couple of these crazy easy drinks to help close out the season.

Seriously Simple Recipe: Skinny Colada Spritzer
To suit every taste, these can easily be made virgin or include your favorite liquor for an adult beverage. Rum obviously works well here to keep with the Island flavors.

If you make an alcohol-free version, or your pineapple is not ripe/sweet, we suggest adding a bit of honey or maple syrup and blending this with the pineapple. This will add a little extra flavor, while still keeping everything free of refined sugar.

With such minimal ingredients, it is important to include each item. If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s in your area (sad face), look for other Pineapple or Coconut flavored sparkling water brands.

Seriously Simple Recipe: Skinny Colada Spritzer

Either way, these are sure to be the star of your weekend festivities. And while you are at it, pair them with some fish tacos (favorite meal of yours truly), Kalua Pig, coconut shrimp, or any other tropical meal.

And don’t forget to dream of being stuck on a tropical island, where you can enjoy this and other beverages for days on end. As long as you have the aforementioned toys and jingles, you will be set.

Seriously Simple Recipe: Skinny Colada Spritzer

Only a few ingredients come together to make an island-inspired refreshing drink that is perfect with or without alcohol.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Drinks
Servings 4



  • In a high powdered blender or food processor, add pineapple, coconut milk, and sweetner if using. Blend until smooth, 1-2 minutes.
  • Add rum if using, and pulse again to combine.
  • Split between 4 glasses, and top with Island Colada Sparkling Water. Using a tall spoon, stir water into cream mixture.
  • Garnish with extra pineapple and coconut flakes if desired. Serve immediately.
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Only a few ingredients needed to make an island-inspired drink that is perfect with or without alcohol. Drink recipes | Healthy drinks | Beverages | Cocktails | Pina Colada | Sugar-free recipes | Healthy Pina Colada | Dairy free recipes | Mocktail recipes | Skinny drinks | Rum drinks | Easy recipes


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