Complete Dinner - White Fish
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Complete Fish Dinner – An Under 60 Minute Meal {Paleo + Whole30}

Complete Fish Dinner

This complete fish dinner screams spring/summer. Bright citrus appears in multiple places, and the entire meal works cohesively to satisfy without being too heavy. And! You can have a complete dinner on your table in less than an hour. High five.

To prepare these dishes as a complete meal, reference the original recipes (Meyer Lemon Herb Baked White FishTrilogy Puree and Citrus Avocado Fennel Salad) and follow these simple guidelines.

Complete Fish Dinner Meal Prep Tips

  1. Prepare the trilogy purée first. This dish will stay warm once covered and is easily reheated in the microwave.
  2. While your veggies are steaming, prepare your citrus. If you have time to segment each item, great. And if not, just cut them into small pieces.
  3. Place all cut citrus in a bowl and move on to slicing your fennel, then chopping the fennel fronds and dill for the fish.
  4. Next, prepare the fish. Preheat the oven, season fillets, slice lemons and leeks, and create a bed for the fish.
  5. Once you transfer the fish to the oven, put together your salad. Combine citrus and fennel slices on a plate, adding avocado just before serving. Drizzle dressing and sprinkle fennel once the fish comes out of the oven.

We really like to serve the fish on top of the purée, with the salad on the side. The creamy purée adds moisture and richness to the otherwise light fish. And the acidity from the salad adds a pop of flavor to round off the meal.

It may seem odd to some, but each dish is so complementary of one another, that mixing them together makes magic happen. Take a spoonful of the salad along with the fish, and tell your former I-can’t-mix-anything-together self that this is the way to eat.

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