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I started Our Food Fix back in 2016 with the intention of sharing my love of food with friends and family. I had aspirations to be a prime time food blogger, start a YouTube channel, and write a cookbook. But as it goes with life, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

In the last six years, my life, and the state of the world, has drastically changed. I grew beyond the limits of my personal food blog, and knew it was time to update my business to accommodate this expansion.

All the content you love, upgraded

Well Rooted retains all the recipes and content you know and love, with these additions:

• Mind, body, and spirit wellness resources
• Real Food recipes and healthy eating support
• Functional Medicine Health Coaching

This three-tier system is designed to help you live healthy and happy, simply.

I look forward to supporting you on your healthy lifestyle journey. 

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3 months

This starter package is great for those who are new to coaching and want to set the stage for lifestyle and behavioral change. Best for clients who are ready to jump right into action and implement a specific goal.

Included in this package:

Bonus Content

*bonus content is a 20-minute live or prerecorded mini session