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Healthy living

made simple

I believe that small steps lead to big change. Simplifying healthy living means getting back to basics, and tackling one thing at a time. At a pace that works for you.

Hi, and welcome to well rooted

I’m Dawn, our Founder. I am so glad you found us, and I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey!

I understand that healthy living can be confusing and overly complicated, because I have been there. 

My goal in creating this space is to help things feel a bit easier as you navigate the path of healing. To help you love on yourself and others through nourishment, community, and mind-body-spirit wellness. 

I found healing in my own life by connecting to my roots and utilizing the pillars that I now share in this community. I am confident they will help you, too.

Live Well. EAT WELL. Feel Well.

These three pillars are the solution to the overworked, stressed, and endless diet culture we know all too well.



With the amount of information and options available to us today, having a guide, support system, and using proven methods of success enables you to cut through all the noise. This frees up space for you to learn more about yourself, including your desires, needs, and values. 



 Eating right is hard. Cooking right is harder. Well Rooted has over 6 years experience creating easy recipes that are tasty, colorful, and fun. Using the Food as Medicine principals, I show you how to lower inflammation, increase vital nutrients, and improve overall wellness — all with real food!

feel WELL

mind, body & spirit

Wellness is more than the obvious factors like food and movement. Valuable tools such as reducing toxic exposure, a spiritual practice, and mental and emotional health all contribute to our well-being. Dive into these topics and more, with something to suit every interest.

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3 months

This starter package is great for those who are new to coaching and want to set the stage for lifestyle and behavioral change. Best for clients who are ready to jump right into action and implement a specific goal.

Included in this package:

Bonus Content

*bonus content is a 20-minute live or prerecorded mini session